Types Of Fire Alarms

Fire alarms – what are the types and choices?

Offices, hotels, shops and other public buildings should all have a designated, ‘responsible person’ to ensure the building’s fire safety and security.

This responsible person – or group of people – will be accountable for a number of duties.

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Who Is Responsible?

‘Who is responsible?’ – a frequently asked question when it comes to assessing the safety and security of a building.
The answer isn’t always clear.

Across the West Midlands, we’re continuing to build increasingly taller buildings which are to be occupied by multiple business owners, facilities managers or health and safety managers. This makes the question of responsibility all the more important to effectively ensure safety of every occupant.

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Can You Trust Your Fire Safety Engineer?

How do you ensure your fire safety engineer has all the right qualities you can trust?

It’s not an easy task finding a professional and trustworthy fire safety engineer.

The fire security market is extremely competitive. With so much competition for business across the West Midlands, it’s no surprise that some fire alarm and extinguisher companies are slashing their prices and cutting corners – no matter how that compromises the quality of their work.

A trustworthy fire safety engineer will prioritise the safety of your building and its occupants above all else.

We explore some of the key roles and responsibilities crucial when picking the right engineer first time.

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Improving Fire and Security

How can you improve your fire and security measures?

As a building owner, you want to ensure your building is as safe as possible for both its occupants and visitors.
Making your building safe is about more than installing the right equipment.

A safe building will define and communicate clear policies and procedures to everyone within it. It will also have a designated ‘responsible person’ who will ensure all relevant team members have completed the appropriate training to ensure these policies and procedures are followed effectively.

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Your Top Fire and Security Questions Answered

Your fire and security decisions are highly instrumental in determining the safety of your building and its occupants.

But where do your responsibilities lie and where should you rely on a trusted fire safety or security engineer?

We explore some of the top questions you might have to help you to make the best decisions for your building, ensuring its safety and security.

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