Intruder Alarms

From the initial enquiry to an annual service, IGNIS provides a complete security service – installations, maintenance and testing – ensuring that your business premises is fully protected with intruder alarm systems.

Security alarms are important to the safety of a commercial building as they act to protect your company’s assets and contribute to a safer working environment for both customers and employees.

As the layout of each business is different – the specifics of their intruder alarm systems must also be different. 

Our complimentary site visit ensures that your products and systems are specifically suited to your business.

Burglar alarms are a legal requirement for many building insurers. Our intruder alarm maintenance services ensure that your business is continuously compliant with insurer specifications – by checking quantity, location, functionality and battery life of systems. In the event of a loss of mains power, our security alarms will continue to operate for a minimum of eight hours.

The main manufacturers IGNIS uses are Inner Range, Galaxy and Pyronix.

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