Improving Fire and Security

How can you improve your fire and security measures?

As a building owner, you want to ensure your building is as safe as possible for both its occupants and visitors.
Making your building safe is about more than installing the right equipment.

A safe building will define and communicate clear policies and procedures to everyone within it. It will also have a designated ‘responsible person’ who will ensure all relevant team members have completed the appropriate training to ensure these policies and procedures are followed effectively.

Simply installing fire or security equipment means very little if your team aren’t aware of where it is or when or how to use it.

The ‘responsible person’ should also ensure all of your fire and security equipment is maintained properly and tested regularly. Visit our Q&A blog to understand more about testing and maintenance.

Why should you develop your fire and security policies?

Overtime, your building will evolve in a number of ways. This might be as a result of new occupants joining, structural improvements or increased accessibility. Sometimes, even the smallest of changes can influence how effective your fire and security procedures are.

In order to ensure your building remains as safe as possible, you need to review your policies and procedures regularly, updating them when appropriate.

As well as adapting your processes for building changes, it’s vital to keep up to date with any changes to your legal requirements.

The legal system designed to ensure building safety is currently under scrutiny. Following Dame Judith Hackitt’s Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety after the devastating Grenfell fire, consultation was launched in June this year. This consultation sets out exactly how the government intends to take forward the recommendations made by Hackitt’s review.

Following on from this, the government intends to introduce a suite of measures which will improve building safety.

Setting out improvements for your building

To understand the specific improvements you can make to your building, the first step is to arrange a site visit from a fully trained fire and security professional.

This visit will provide you with your building’s unique fire and security risk assessment. It will set out key recommendations which you can act on to enhance the safety of your building.

Once you understand how your building might be at risk, it’s best practice to ensure every recommendation of the risk assessment is carried out in full. In some cases, where your insurance provider requires you to carry out regular fire and safety risk assessments you must carry out each of these recommendations in full to remain compliant.

Once these recommendations are fulfilled, consult with your fire and security protection engineer to understand what maintenance and testing is required and when. This will ensure your equipment is working properly and fully equipped in case of an emergency.

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