Fire Alarm Systems Testing

Every business should have effective fire alarm systems;
a small fire can soon turn into a huge blaze if a system is not maintained or tested on a regular basis.

We offer a full fire alarm testing service in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Our engineers are trained to the highest standards. So if you are unsure of how your system operates or require a routine maintenance provider then please do not hesitate and contact Ignis fire today.

If a fire is detected within your building then it immediately transmits a digital signal. If your building has an alarm system installed then the fire alarms should be tested on a regular basis.

Our fire alarm testing and other routine maintenance in the Midlands is carried out by an expert. All fire detection systems should be tested regularly to ensure that they are in good working order. Call one of our engineers to test your fire alarms and we will carry out a thorough inspection.

The Testing Procedure

Initially, the engineer will conduct a thorough examination of the fire panel. The alarm sounders will be activated to ensure that they are in good working order. The standby batteries will be inspected and tested. The engineers will take a good look at the control panel and carry out a close inspection of the visual indicators. The qualified engineer will then issue a certificate of inspection.
So what else does fire alarm and detection system inspection and testing involve? When testing the alarm system the experienced engineer will have to comply with fire safety equipment inspection and testing regulations. Inspecting and testing fire safety equipment is a skilled job. The engineer will inspect the alarm panel, the cabling, the sounders and the detectors. The inspecting engineer may have to trigger the alarm system and test one of the break glass units. If the fire alarms are going to be triggered then you should make everyone in the building know that a fire drill is going to take place. If the fire detection system is being tested there is no need for the building to be evacuated.
Some people may want to test their own fire detection systems in between engineer’s visits. If you intend to sound the fire alarm for test purposes then you should forewarn everyone. Tell them that you will sound the alarms for a few seconds to check that they are working. Perhaps do this on a set day and time each week so it becomes routine for everyone?

Ensure that everyone in the building was able to hear the alarm clearly. After sounding the alarms make sure that the alarm receiving centre received the signal. Always ensure that the fire panel is reset after testing. If you test your own fire alarms then keep a record of this.

Ignis offer a wide range of services that include fire alarm monitoring, fire risk assessment, safety signage, emergency lighting and fire alarm systems installation.

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