Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Whenever there’s a fire incident, fire extinguishers often make that difference between a small fire and an inferno.

Why fire extinguishers are so important

Fire kills and you need to ensure that your commercial premises are safe by providing the correct fire equipment in place and that your fire extinguishers are regularly tested and maintained by qualified professionals. Fire extinguishers and the correct installation by experts is pivotal to fire safety within your commercial building, or industrial premises. Without compliant and correctly fitted fire extinguishing equipment, a minor fire can easily accelerate to a dangerous scenario which could then put peoples lives in danger, and cause substantial and expensive damage to commercial premises and property. The Ignis Fire & Security experts are here to ensure that you have tested and maintained fire equipment including fire extinguishers throughout your building. Our fully qualified engineers believe maintenance performed every 12 months is crucial to protecting your team and commercial premises from the danger of any potential fire hazards. Industrial fires can lead to financial loss, staff injuries and worst still employee fatalities. The correct installation and maintenance of fire extinguishers should be completed by law by professional engineers. Our team is here to make sure your team and premises are safe, by carrying out a complete maintenance check to the (fire safety regulatory reform order 2005 and compliance in full to BS5306 guidelines.

How to use a fire extinguisher correctly

As our experienced Ignis team will advise when they conduct a visit to your commercial premises, that you will need a fully trained member of your team to operate the fire equipment correctly and safely, should they need to tackle a fire within your building. Awareness is key in that the individual does not attempt to put out the fire should it escalate past their capability or place the individual in serious risk of injury or death. The premises should be evacuated, with doors closed on the way out if possible and emergency services called immediately for assistance.

Fire extinguishers for an electrical fire

  • Do not use a water fire extinguisher for any reason, on electrical fires as it may lead to electrocution. The experienced Ignis Fire & Security engineers will be able to advise on fire extinguishers suitable and approved to (35 kV dielectric test) for electrical fires.
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and dry powder fire extinguishers cut off the connection of oxygen to the fire, however, using the dry powder may lead to other issues elsewhere in your commercial building, so it is important to work with fire engineering professionals who will install the correct fire extinguisher equipment to protect each room within your commercial building.

How are fire extinguishers classified?

Each type of fire extinguisher is classified and placed into several categories, with the most commonly implemented within a commercial building being extinguishers. Use of Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers and the Dry Chemical Extinguishers are commonplace to assist in fire situations within a building. Each fire extinguisher is intended for use in a fire to tackle specific types of fires within a commercial building. A qualified Ignis Fire & Security engineer will place the correct fire extinguisher in the designated area within your commercial premises. Working with a professional team of engineers will ensure your commercial premises are equipped correctly to protect your team and building. Fires are classified into four distinct classes: A, B, C and D. Type A fires are caused by easily combustible materials such as paper and rubbish whereas type B fires arise from flammable liquids like grease, oil, and petrol, all of which are a cause for concern in restaurants and manufacturing premises. Class C involves fires caused by electrical equipment which can occur in all commercial buildings, while Class D fires are instigated by combustible metals creating a fuel source for a raging fire. Class D fires are most likely to occur in chemical laboratories where metals such as potassium, magnesium and sodium are available to ignite. A foam fire extinguisher is designed to be used on Class B fires, they can subsequently be just as effective on Class A fires as they predominantly comprise of a water-based solution to effectively put out the flames.

How fire extinguishers are used

Ignis Fire & Security are experts in the prevention and reduction of fire damage within your commercial building. The upsetting implications of not having the correct fire extinguisher placed within your commercial premises, include injury to your employees, costly damage to your building and devastatingly, the potential for loss of life.

When should fire extinguishers be inspected?

The experienced Ignis team works closely with our clients to make sure their fire extinguishers will perform correctly at the crucial moment of dealing with a fire. Regular inspections completed by fire safety engineers is critical to the safety of yourself and your team. All employers have a responsibility to ensure that the fire extinguishers kept on the premises will keep them safe should they ever need to tackle a fire situation. The Ignis Fire & Security engineer team will visit your commercial premises to complete maintenance on your fire safety equipment every 12 months to help you comply with the required British Standard.

How we are specialists in fire extinguishers and fire safety.

Our industry specialism in fire safety supports businesses with fire safety advice, maintenance and testing, to ensure that they comply with the British Standard of Fire Safety, protect their team in the case of a fire, and limit damage to your commercial building. The Ignis Fire & Security professionals are tried and trusted fire safety partners to businesses, manufacturers, retail and restaurants throughout the West Midlands. With a professional team of engineers with combined experience spanning over 30 years in the effective fitting and installation of fire equipment, the Ignis Fire & Security team is here to help you comply with the British Standard of Fire Extinguisher regulations. Our expert team provides an exceptional product maintenance service, We don't just sell fire extinguishers we correctly install and maintain your equipment every 12 months. After many years of fire safety experience, we take pride in keeping our valued customer base safe and fully compliant. We are proud to say that we still support our client's commercial premises after 20 years!

Are fire extinguishers required by law

Safe, maintained and professionally installed fire extinguishers are required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. All commercial premises must have a minimum of two fire extinguishers ( class A ) per floor, and are easily accessible to comply with the regulation in the UK.

Can fire extinguishers expire?

Why risk not having your fire equipment regularly checked and maintained by a professional team when there is potential that the fire extinguisher may not perform when you need to tackle a fire within your commercial building. If your fire extinguishers are not serviced, checked and maintained correctly, you run the risk of dealing with a fire outbreak with a potentially defective fire extinguisher placing your team and premises at risk.

Why do so many businesses trust Ignis Fire & Security

Our capable team have become the leading West Midlands fire safety specialists in the installation of compliant and correct fire extinguisher products. Our consultative team of qualified installation engineers take the time needed to install your fire extinguishers correctly within your commercial premises. You can rest assured that we have your fire protection covered as our friendly and professional team will visit your premises every 12 months for your fire and safety inspection and equipment maintenance. Working with the Ignis Fire & Security team we make sure your fire extinguishers will perform in any dangerous fire-related incident. As professionals we take product testing and equipment maintenance very seriously, our team sincerely cares about you and your team's safety. Looking to work with a fire installation specialist team,contact the Ignis Fire & Security team so we can advise on how we help businesses stay safe and comply with British standards for fire safety in and around the Solihull and Birmingham region, including Warwickshire and worcestershire. Our skilled team are also able to help with any commercial needs for competent fire equipment, installation and maintenance throughout the wider west midlands area.

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