Emergency Lighting Installation

Installation and Testing for Emergency Lighting in Birmingham

At Ignis Fire & Security our emergency lighting experts are experienced in emergency lighting installation, maintenance and testing in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Our qualified and trained lighting experts provide a trusted service that creates minimum disruption within your commercial building.

Trusted by our current clients to maintain and install emergency lighting for over 20 years, we care about the safety of your occupants and their ability to safely exit your building in the event of an emergency.

The Ignis Fire & Security experts work closely with commercial office owners, manufacturing industries and industrial warehouses in Birmingham, Solihull and the wider West Midlands area, including Warwickshire and worcestershire.

The legal compliance of emergency lighting

Within your commercial premises, the protection of your employees and visitors in the situation of a power outage or fire is imperative. The correct design installation and maintenance of emergency lighting throughout your office or warehouse will be pivotal to the safe evacuation of all individuals within the building. Safe and visible passage through corridors, and the installation of illuminated signage for exit points is crucial to a safe evacuation in the event of an emergency. Ignis Fire & Security are trusted partners in reliable installation and maintenance of compliant emergency lighting within commercial buildings throughout the wider West Midlands area. Within all commercial premises businesses operating in the UK, must have compliant emergency lighting units installed to comply with current British standards.

For high-risk areas, the lights should have an illuminance of 15 lux. If your business is in a building where the emergency exit is about two metres wide, the installed lights should provide illuminance of one lux at floor level. Some of the buildings and premises that must have emergency lights include hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, pubs, homes for old people, and conference centres. Ignis can install and test emergency lights and determine where they are required.

Emergency Signs

Besides lights, you should have signs installed in areas where people can easily see them. The purpose of these signs is to show people the exit routes to follow in the event of an emergency. Some of the areas that require signs include corridor intersections, the beginning and ending of stairways, fire-equipment storage points, changes in direction, lifts, toilets, and fire alarm meeting points. Once again, Ignis install signs in the appropriate areas.


Why is emergency lighting maintenance and testing important?

Regular testing of your emergency lighting is crucial to the safe evacuation of all occupants in the case of a fire,emergency situation or security incident. The Ignis Fire & Security engineer will ensure that your emergency lighting remains compliant with regular testing. After installation, it is advisable to carry out periodic tests to ensure the lights operate correctly. For full compliance to the British Standards, monthly testing of emergency lighting should be completed, this also includes the illumination of all safe exits.  Working with Ignis Fire & Security for planned monthly lighting maintenance guarantees your business remains compliant and allows for any repairs to take place with minimum disruption.

Emergency Lighting and the importance of light levels and illumination

The Ignis Fire & Security engineers visit your commercial premises to access where to correctly install your emergency lighting and evaluate the required level of illumination. A professional assessment will ensure compliance based on your occupancy level internally and for those working externally within your site, and where your emergency exits are positioned. The British Standard requires business owners to install emergency lights in commercial corridors. Our qualified team will install, maintain and test your emergency lighting equipment and chosen placement within your building correctly, in line with British standards.

The industries we help with emergency lighting

 Should your commercial premises experience a power outage, cutting off your normal electrical illumination, your building occupants are at risk of sudden darkness, potentially leading to panic and distress that may stop them exiting the building quickly in the event of a fire. Ignis Fire & Security are passionate about protecting your occupants from the risk of poorly installed emergency exit signs to ensure your emergency lighting performs in a hazardous situation. Our qualified Ignis fire & Security engineers are trusted to install, maintain and test emergency lighting in complex premises such as hospitals, care homes, retail shopping centers, and large supermarket chains. The Ignis fire & Safety group regularly supports industries such as pubs, restaurants and even conference centres.

The importance of emergency signs

Planned emergency lighting maintenance of your commercial safety lighting is compulsory, in order to comply to protect your employees, or site visitors.  Emergency signs and escape route lighting is required by law to be installed by professionals experienced in electrical safety compliance to ensure all occupants can safely exit the premises safely and efficiently in an emergency.

Emergency Light Testing is crucial and here's why

After the initial installation of compliant emergency lights throughout your building, you are required to complete monthly testing of each unit to ensure it works correctly should you need it. The Ignis fire & Security engineer team completed an extensive check of your emergency lighting solutions, which will include the shut down of your main power to your premises to evaluate the performance of your emergency lighting and exit points. Our qualified emergency lighting engineer will log all observations in your lighting and testing logbook. Once a year you can rely on the Ignis Fire & Security team to visit your premises and complete a professional certified rated test every 12 months.

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