Fire Alarm Systems
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Fire Alarm Systems Installation and Maintenance in Birmingham

It is critical that appropriate fire alarm systems are installed in commercial premises by trained fire protection specialists such as ourselves.

Requirements for Fire Alarm Systems

Common sense tells us that smoke and fire detection is essential for protecting premises and occupants from the devastating effects of fire.

The Fire Safety Order 2006 makes it mandatory for all except the very simplest of structures to be equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment and fire alarms and detectors. Also, these systems must be serviced regularly.

There is a legal requirement that any company installing and maintaining a fire alarm system must prove its competency. Such companies must follow the standards set out in the government guide BS5839. These guidelines deal with the design and installation, as well as commissioning and maintenance of fire alarm systems.

Installing a Fire Alarm System

IGNIS work with clients to determine their requirements for an effective alarm system that complies with Fire Safety Order 2006. We are trained in designing and installing systems that meet minimum British Standards. The result is a fewer number of false alarms and a system that will detect life threatening situations.

A typical installation includes consideration of the following:

  • Deciding how the system will be connected and zoned
  • Identifying the fire panel requirements
  • Choosing the types of detectors
  • Connecting the detectors, sounders and other sensors to the panel
  • Testing the system for functionality
  • Completing commercial installation certificates
At IGNIS we offer impartial recommendations about appropriate equipment for specific fire safety needs. There are many detection and warning systems from which to choose, including:
  • Manual alarms
  • Conventional fire alarm systems
  • Optical/Heat/Beam/Ionisation Detectors
  • Sounders/Beacons
  • Air sampling detection
  • Analogue addressable alarms
Fire alarm systems that are well planned and installed allow the safe and quick evacuation of buildings. These systems are also important to help fire-fighters locate, contain and extinguish fires. A professional installation will ensure these features are in place.

Maintaining a Fire Alarm System

A fire protection system has to be completely functional 24/7. Typically, in all commercial buildings with sleeping accommodation where there are 10 or more people at work, and in all high hazard buildings, fire alarm maintenance visits are required. During our inspections, Ignis will:
  • Check all components including wiring and connections
  • Test battery charging rates and the power supply
  • Test all detectors and manual devices
  • Inspect and test all sirens and speakers
  • Test remote signalling equipment
Ignis Fire Protection is a full service company, trained in fire alarm systems installation and maintenance. Consult with us for worry free alarm systems that meet specific requirements at any site. Enquire too about plans we offer for 24 hour continuous monitoring of the system and for immediate emergency response if a fire is detected.

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