Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems in Birmingham

To alleviate fire incidents effectively in the workplace you can use the Ignis fire suppression systems supplied from our Birmingham base. Essentially, these systems consist of instruments designed to both detect fires, and protect against them. This will help you to cope with the before and after effects of a fire.

Ignis provide and install a range of different fire suppression systems. You can select either one system or a mixture of various systems, to ensure the safety of your staff and business during a fire.

Fire Suppression Alarm Systems

These dependable devices raise the alarm whenever a fire occurs. Many of them use cutting edge fire detection technology. Once a fire, smoke or flammable gas leakage gets detected by the inbuilt (or sometimes separate) detector mechanism, an alarm sounds as an alert to leave the building.

Chemical Suppression Systems

Chemical suppression is a very effective tool for suppressing fire.
Primarily, these type of systems extinguish fires by using chemical agents, such as NOVEC 1230 and FM200. They absorb the heat from a fire, which causes the temperature to fall. Consequently, the flames are unable to survive and the fire is extinguished. This fire suppression method is safe for use in most situations and buildings.

On top of this, NOVEC 1230 and FM-200 are, in terms of fire suppressants, now considered the ‘green’ products of choice. They are not only fast-acting and free of residue, but they are also non-conductive and non-corrosive, whilst not harming the ozone layer. They are essentially both ‘clean agents’, stored as liquid, which will discharge and extinguish a fire in under ten seconds. Additionally neither Novec nor FM-200 will damage electronics when they are deployed during a fire.

At Ignis we are continually educating our clients about the advantages and disadvantages of different fire suppression methods. It is highly important to remember that once a suppression system has been customised for your building, approved and installed, maintenance is just as important.

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